Northern Star Resources Ltd.

Lab Without Walls has received significant financial backing by Western Australian gold mining company Northern Star Resources.  Its patronage has been the lifeblood of projects that are delivering life-altering health outcomes.

CEO of Northern Star, Stuart Tonkin wrote:

“As Northern Star enacted measures to protect its staff and immediate communities from the potential health risks, it became more apparent that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Testing for COVID-19 was key to understanding early detection and intervention to “reduce the spread” or “flatten the curve” of Corona Virus while Health Care Facilities prepared capacity for caseloads.

To assist the fast tracking of a mobile testing facility, Northern Star partnered with Labs Without Walls to leverage their knowledge to enable a leading-edge rapid and remotely deployable COVID-19 screening system, that could be used to manage virus outbreaks in regional or remote communities.  We are proud to provide this support that will see Health Care transported to where its most needed under a variety of circumstances and importantly have the preparedness to act quickly in a time of need.”


PathWest is the pathology and forensic arm of the WA health system, providing excellence and innovation in pathology and forensic services, testing, teaching and research.

PathWest has a network of 27 laboratories and 76 collection centres spread across the State, delivering a range of routine, complex and rare tests, and provide diagnostic pathology, forensic pathology and commercial testing services.

LWW is loaning the mobile laboratory equipment to PathWest, who will coordinate its deployment to areas of anticipated Covid-19 outbreaks.

If the need arises, this open platform has the flexibility to support tests for different pathogens.

Further Support

Lab Without Walls has received the support of the University of Western Australia and biotechnology equipment providers, including Agilent Technologies, Applied Biosystems and BioRad.


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